Regional 24 Challenge Tournament Scheduled for Thursday, April 20

V2CTM will again sponsor the Regional 24 Challenge Tournament this coming April 20 at at Wilson Middle School in Fishersville.  At the 24 Challenge Tournament, the top four mathletes from each elementary school will compete against the best and brightest from school divisions throughout the Shenandoah Valley.

Click to download the complete brochure about the 2017 Regional 24 Challenge Tournament:   regional-challenge-24-brochure-2017

Click to download the 2017 Regional 24 Challenge Tournament Flyer:  2017regionalgameflyer

For more information, contact:
Laurie Biser
Instructional Supervisor
Elementary Mathematics and Science
Augusta County Public Schools
Verona, VA
p) 540.245.5117
f) 540.245.5275
[email protected]

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