Grant application for VCTM and NCTM conferences

Joe Hill Award Nomination for 2017-2018 School Year

Ken Barron Handout Handout from Kenn Barron’s Presentation 10/13/15

Background Information about  Elements of Motivation from Kenn Barron’s Presentation 10/13/15

Kateri Thunder Differentiation Handout – Handout from Kateri Thunder’s Session 10/7/14

Kateri Thunder Differentation Presentation – Presentation by Kateri Thunder 10/7/14

V2CTM_Handout–Handout #1 from Kara Velez and Amanda Rickard’s Session 10/7/14

Video_Options–Handout #2 from Kara Velez and Amanda Rickard’s Session 10/7/14

Minutes from the August 21, 2014 Board Meeting

Brochure about JMU’s Online Master’s of Education in Mathematics program

Katie Ulrich’s VVCTM 2013 handout from her 6th – 8th Grade Session “Moving from Natural Numbers to Signed Numbers” at the 11/7/13 Meeting

Minutes from the August 22, 2013 Board Meeting

Michael Bolling’s presentation from the 11/13/12 Meeting:   VVCTM_11-13-12

Joe Hill’s Number Sense Handout from the 11/13/12 Meeting

Minutes from the January 9, 2013 Board Meeting

Nomination for Annual V2CTM Award for Excellence in Teaching